In a New Zealand beach staged 5 sharks were 16 killer whales chasing scene. This will pass by and witnesses a fight war shot down be struck with fright.

      After intense chase, 4 sharks eventually become killer whales dishes, remaining a shark, at the moment the most urgent, trying to swung himself to the rock was able to escape the orcas to catch up.

      Rock high and dry, the killer whale expert Visser trying to walk past help it. Shark twice bite Visser, eventually in the help of her return to the sea, towards whales swam to the group to catch up with the opposite direction.


      A killer whale shark catch and eat. Exposure on the network video from the shark appears to be killer whales rushed to the beach, the situation is very critical, eventually in addition to get a shark that help escape, other 4 sharks are eaten by killer whales, the scene is very tragic.

      Meta:The whales chasing sharks
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