1, when you put aside the face to make money, that you have a sensible. When you use the money to earn back face, that you have been successful. When you use face can make money, that you have a figure. When you are still there to drink, bragging, what also do not understand, only love the so-called face of the time, that you are in this life.

      2, to make money by the opportunity to succeed on the credibility of. If you give up, you'll need to give it a shot.

      3, eggs, breaking from the outside is food, from the inside to break the life. Life is also.

      4, everything must be fully prepared to do before, even if the strength of a hundred have been enough to succeed, but also want to store enough strength to attack the 200, not just to gamble.

      5, bad of course, to guard against, but the bad guys are in the minority, can not give up eating for fear of choking, not in order to prevent a few bad friends and out the door.


      6, keep a low profile, in order to avoid the fall, to avoid a target of attack. But if you show yourself, don't provoke other people's hostility, others will not be able to capture your nakedness.

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