SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - Oct 5, 2016 - HotelAsia, one of Food&HotelAsia's pioneer specialised trade shows for the hotel, restaurant and foodservice sectors designed for leading industry players are gathered to showcase new, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technology, will return from 24-27 April 2018 at Suntec Singapore.

      Apart from featuring an impressive host of international and local brands, this augmented edition of HotelAsia will also unveil a Singapore Pavilion for the first time. Also in the pipeline are various events and activities to be staged alongside HotelAsia, designed to bring industry players in the hotel, restaurant and foodservice sectorscloser to buyers. The events and activities include the inaugural SCI Equipment Award, selected FHA Culinary Challenge competition segments, and relevant FHA International Conference tracks.

      "Since 1978 for 40 years, HotelAsia has been delivering business success for players in these sectors. Growing edition after edition, the trade show is now a well-regarded international sourcing and networking arena serving more than half of the total number of buyers who visited FHA," says Ms. Ting Siew Mui, Project Director of Lifestyle Events at Singapore Exhibition Services, organiser of HotelAsia.

      "Through the various activities designed to generate more networking opportunities, the upcoming edition of HotelAsia will bring more value to both buyers and sellers. Local and regional companies looking to enhance their capabilities will find the experience more focused, with activities designed to connect international industry players with a large pool of buyers, as well as enable these companies to move up the value chain," she adds.

      An enhanced show experience in the heart of the city

      Located in its new, central location, industry players in the hotel, restaurant and foodservice sectors, particularly the buyers whom are primarily located in the heart of the city, can be assured of a more convenient and effective sourcing and networking experience at HotelAsia.

    Meta:HotelAsia to Create More Value for Food And Hospitality Equipment Sector
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