Official car


      Beijing's official car "about cars, car" officially launched, the first batch of 500 car has been launched. Shouqi about vehicle platforms provide booking car are licensed operating rental vehicles, and all hang B Beijing Taxi licence, a driver holds a licence to practise, also known as the "official car".


      Currently has opened three cities in Beijing, Baoding and Handan.


      Cost problem


      Shouqi about car price drops fast about car platform with the same makeup, from the starting price, kilometers fees, service long fee and Shouqi about vehicle platforms can appointment comfortable and business two different price of the vehicle, the starting price respectively 16 yuan and 20 yuan, single km respectively 2.8 yuan and 450 yuan, market service fees and 0.7 yuan per minute, respectively 0.5 yuan, than the current market price of the same type of car low.


      Can you refuse


      The driver every day to work on time, work in a fixed area within a single. Platform orders will be assigned to the driver in the hands of the platform, the driver without the right to grab a single and refused, both to ensure that the interests of the driver is also guaranteed the interests of passengers.

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