High-speed Rail discounted trips


      Activity time: April 2014 14-2014 June 26


      90 trips


      Beijing Shanghai high iron, Jingguang high iron total 90 trips g prefix EMU train business, principal and a seat on April 14, implementation special fare discount of 7 or 8 fold.


      The announcement by the China Railway Corporation, April 14 to June 26, Beijing Shanghai high speed railway and Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail will be for a specific period of time specific trips implementation of special fares, discounted trips focus on Monday to Thursday. The Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail 34 discounted trips, Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail has 56 discounted trips. In addition to the Beijing Shanghai high iron Beijing Nanjing South - South of G205 and Nanjing South - South Beijing g206 two trips business, principal and a seat will be implemented 7 discount fares, 88 other trips to the level of the discount rate is 8 percent discount.


      In the 90 implementation of special fares trips, covering different time periods, different sections of the train. Jingguang high iron, for example, discounted trips both Beijing West - Changsha south this long distance trips, Beijing West - Shijiazhuang this short distance trips.


      In the case of Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway Beijing South - Shanghai Hongqiao trips, calculated in accordance with 8 discount, original 933 yuan a seat fare discount for 746.4 yuan, passengers can save 186.6 yuan, but the fare is still second-class a fare 553 yuan is high.


      Beijing Shanghai high speed railway Limited by Share Ltd, said the Beijing Shanghai high speed rail, adhere to the market as the guide, the market determines the allocation of resources, to further improve the operating plan, and the establishment of the following season, with the flexibility to adjust the market flexibility mechanism. For business, the principal seat, a seat divided into sessions, trips ticket indulgence plan, boosting trains have different degree of guest rate become high iron to explore market flexible ticket mechanism is an important way.

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