Di Di taxi CEO conversation


      In fact, the first time when we find our time, we are hiding, I remember that we talked about half an hour or so, we say I'm sorry, we have something to go, be on there, and talk about one or two hours;


      I think actually doing business is the need to have their own dreams and your backbone, a business if they lose the independent will, the person is like a lost soul like, basically impossible too much space, although the micro channel has helped us a lot, this is we admit that many users at a lower cost to download the software you can take a taxi, we are very grateful, but in fact this cooperation is equal.


      Today in our taxi in this area, we are very hard to educate the driver's habits, to develop the habit of users pay, in turn, to help micro channel and micro channel pay, personality, or business case we are all equal. [




      Miss is not a problem that we need to consider. In the United States you get off directly from the bar, in the end how much money is not required to tell consumers the scene. After a while you will send a bill to you. I said that when consumers get out of the car, do not need to know how much I spent a taxi?.


      We slowly chat, talk a number of resonance, in fact, is a different market, different user groups and different habits will breed a different service and business out. In the United States to buy a car is very cheap, but a taxi is very expensive, rent a car is also very cheap. So he's more of a car rental service.


      Americans are not so sensitive to price, so the cost of Uber is very high. We take a taxi fare, plus 5 dollars, plus 10 dollars, some people in the discussion of this in the end is not reasonable. I looked at the America time Uber is how to do that, I think we are still too conservative. He said you are in the rush hour, there is no car nearby, you suggest a few times the fare, and then they suggest me seven times. I shook it on the spot, and it was confirmed, and that time I took a taxi to spend one hundred dollars. It is aimed at such a user community, to find the most suitable user base to provide such a service.


      But in China, most users are still hoping for a cheap, but relatively secure service to reach the destination. Today may not be willing to say that in order to more high-end services to pay too much. Like Taobao users may be the mainstream of China, has not been to the lynx this service can pay more.


      A year and a half of the time, the daily volume of orders for the taxi is now more than ten times the world's Uber60 countries.


      Precisely because we are aiming for the market is not the same. We are totally different. Finally have their own results. So we actually think the future may have more to learn from each other.

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