Fast push pregnant women free taxi service


      In the face of increasingly fierce taxi software grappling, fast taxi recently launched care for pregnant women to travel plan, as long as the pregnant women can enjoy free shuttle bus service.


      Public participation activities divided into two forms of real-time booking cars and vehicles, the former through fast taxi redeem 24 hours in advance reservation free shuttle bus, while the latter can indicate the words "pregnant car" in the use of fast taxi billing for a chance to get free the car shuttle service. At the same time, a quick taxi has also set up an open platform for cooperation in the alliance". According to the fast taxi co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) Zhao Dong said, in addition to the Volkswagen Skoda and Abbott group, the future fast taxi also with more brand enterprise cooperation.

      Industry observers pointed out that all kinds of moves show that based on a taxi service, fast taxi is trying to build up their own ecological circle, which also indicates that the taxi software competition will further upgrade. Optimize products and innovative services to become a new trend.

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