Passenger taxi lost wallet


      "Mr. Feng got off, I sent a few guests, but fortunately, a passenger, they are sitting in the passenger seat, otherwise the wallet may not be......"


      Night 9 pm the day before yesterday, District run Ferry Company Driver Wen Quan sun, took a taxi through the software received a Mr. Feng information called the car, Wen Quan sun immediately drove to rushed to the District Tong Gang Lu water cube leisure club, Mr. Feng will be sent to the destination. Subsequently, Sun Wenquan also made three single tick taxi business. After home, Sun Wenquan checked the car found a black wallet on the seat, wallet has 2600 yuan, etc..


      "To find the owner as soon as possible." According to the information on the single, Sun Wenquan one one to get in contact with the passengers, but the other said not to lose the wallet. By now it was almost 12 o'clock at night, his wife to take into account the Wen Quan sun the next day early in the morning but also out of the bus, he advised him the next day the wallet to the company, but sun. (Department of Radiology didn't want to give up.


      At this point, Sun Wenquan remembered in addition to the first group of passengers is 2 people, and later are 1 people, and are sitting in the passenger seat, then the wallet is certainly the first group of passengers. After contact, Mr. Feng said he did lose his wallet. Found the owner, sun. (Department of Radiology, very happy, quickly drive to purse sent to Mr. Feng's house, and through train ticket Wallet ID number to confirm that the wallet is Mr. Feng.


      Returning lost money is not easy, sometimes we also take the bus to take a closer look at your wallet, for fear of losing the miserable, look at this, I feel at ease!

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