Di Di taxi how to use




      1, according to the object is not the same choice of different versions of the driver choose the driver's client, passengers choose to download the client;


      2, the equipment system select corresponding client download - Ann Zhuoxuan Android and apple choose apple for windows, but currently only an version of Android and Apple's system;




      Basically and almost the same as a taxi, just to pay the use of micro channel pay, other ways to use in the reference of the previous one - fast taxi how to use. Other references to the following.


      1, first open the phone in the micro channel, and then enter, choose my bank card after you can find a taxi in the interface, the service, click into the;


      2, into the micro channel Di taxi interface is very simple, in the current position can search how many taxis, we only need to enter the destination, and then click on the bottom of the car immediately, the next step is to wait for the taxi driver, will show the driver's name, where the rental company, license plate number, location, waiting time and other information, if there is no driver to pick up a single, will prompt the user to re order;


      3, taxi to the post, we can get on the car, after the car, we have to get on the train. After the final arrival, the driver will enter the cost of the car at the end of the phone, and then we will receive the need to pay the option, here we choose to micro channel pay, and complete the payment.


      Recent drops of a taxi has enabled the country more, free taxi service, we may wish to download the APP experience, I also want to play a car to eat what, try to see the first!


      How to deal with the common problem of how to use a taxi


      Q1 method for saving traffic


      1 when the offline map is not installed, click on the upper right corner of the map;

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