2 after the installation of the offline map, try to avoid the scale map, less traffic display.


      According to the above method of normal operation, online 6 hours of consumption flow in the 2.5-3M.


      Q2 traffic consumption exception handling method


      1 please check whether it is the latest version to confirm whether the offline map has been installed;


      2 check whether the installation method of offline map: mobile phone set map paddling flight mode. If the map is shown correctly, it is proved to have been installed correctly. Otherwise the description does not have to install the offline map, it is recommended that the local service point, please install the staff.


      3 through mobile phone housekeeper and other tools, check the other software in the mobile phone consumption flow.


      Q3 download mode


      1 landing small orange official website www.xiaojukeji.com download offline map package. After download, extract, after extracting the folder named MapData, in the mobile phone SD card in the name of the baidumapSdk folder.


      2 WiFi environment in the "more" in the download offline map.


      3 please go to service installation point, the small orange staff free installation.


      Q4 for traffic packages


      1 before the end of the month to modify the flow of packages, to ensure that the monthly 150M traffic;


      2 months when the traffic is not enough, please contact the local mobile, China Unicom, telecom and other operators, the application traffic overlay package;


      300 per month Di Di online for 3 hours, we are 10 yuan subsidy for you.


      Q5 method for solving power


      Due to the different devices, smart phones consume more power than ordinary mobile phones. GPS need to determine your location, used to push the car to send a single, but also need to consume electricity. It is recommended that you install USB car cigarette lighter, collocation adapter, or with batteries for mobile phone.

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