Taxi software which good


      Taxi software which good according to the decision


      Fast and didi taxi taxi is the domestic mainstream software taxi, on both which is better or worse, radish leaves, here's a look at their respective advantages (official latest the deadline of 2014, May 2, introduction), the students according to the need to develop!


      Quick taxi software features


      Taxi brand new experience


      The interface is simple and fresh, fast operation, small cell phone software can help anytime you hit the car! Pure, green, no ads! Intelligent automatic positioning


      Intelligent positioning, the two step the fingertips can easily take a taxi, taxi, also supports voice. Other intimate functions!


      Car time to help you easily make an appointment!


      A little tip to make you no longer afraid of rush hour!


      At any time the driver and voice intercom, can view real-time driver position and the estimated time of arrival, to help you easily!


      Di Di taxi features


      Di Di taxi, to help passengers anywhere, convenient and fast call to a taxi, to help the driver low cost, more convenient to accept the booking, improve the city reservation called car ratio. It is through the reduction of the driver's empty drive rate, improve the people's car experience, is in line with energy-saving emission reduction, smart city, green travel model project!

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