Taxi software unified management


      It is reported the opinion draft requirement will be unified access and management software in a cab; driver after the success of the orders should be open call service mark or logo to suspend operations, docking single not committed to provide rental car electric call service, regarded as rejection behavior; not increase the bargaining violations.


      This draft of the Chinese Communist Party with eight views, a comprehensive view of the eight views, the core of the unified management". The most cited concern is that the notification requirements of the taxi call service unified access management, and strict implementation of the provisions of the taxi price management.


      According to the Ministry of communications, the draft opinion, with immediate effect, feedback deadline for June 10th.


      Taxi software company responded


      Fast: I hope to introduce more market mechanism


      Fast with the intention of the Ministry of transport is completely consistent, is to give the user a convenient travel to facilitate, since the original intention, then the follow-up cooperation will certainly be a good direction of development.


      At the same time, the hope that the faster the introduction of market mechanisms to accelerate scientific and technological progress.


      Because the current is still the stage of comment, so for the other, not convenient for the moment.


      Bit: will be specific details and government communication


      Draft overall, the good news is good news, but some of the details will continue to maintain communication with the government, reflecting the industry's demands.


      A taxi drops on the traffic department opinion on the vehicle terminal as a vehicle service unified scheduling equipment vision planning has different views, because from the point of view of the practice in Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other places, the vehicle terminal is more suitable as a industry management tool, mobile phone as a general device, hardware and software updates faster, more suitable for service drivers and passengers to provide high quality service.


      At the same time, it is also hoped that the traffic department can plan the management method of the taxi price in the period of the call.

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