Beijing Normal University speech

      A good teacher can not have a uniform model, Each has its own merits., gexianshenshou, but there are some common, essential characteristics.

      First, do a good teacher, to have an ideal belief. Mr. Tao Xingzhi said that the teacher is "a thousand teach, teach the truth", the students are "thousands of learning, learning to do a real person;

      Second, a good teacher, to have moral sentiments. If a teacher is non, right and wrong, good and evil, justice and benefit, the gain and loss of the old problems, how can bear to stand up the responsibility of de Shuren? Teachers must take the lead, lead by example, to guide and help the students to grasp the direction of life, especially to guide and help the teenagers to learn born to buckle the first button of one's life.

      Third, do a good job of teachers, to have a solid knowledge.

      Solid knowledge foundation, excellent teaching ability, diligent teaching attitude, scientific teaching method is the teacher's basic quality.

      "In order to make students acquire a knowledge of the light, in the light of the marine teachers."

      Fourth, to do a good teacher, to have a love of the heart. Good teacher's eyes should be love, kindness, warmth, through the wisdom, through the truth.

      Teachers also have to respect the students, understand students, tolerance students quality. Left the respect, understanding, tolerance also talk about education. "Insatiable in learning, be tireless in teaching" without discrimination, in accordance with their aptitude, teach surgery, is to ask the teacher with respect, understanding, tolerance of quality.

      China has a large population, wide land, and regional differences, with 2.6 students and 1400 teachers. The party and the government attach great importance to education, since 2012, China's fiscal education expenditure accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 4%, which is a big thing.

      For this project, education. Education plans, teacher centered.

      Media reports of individual teachers moral corruption, corrupt thing, you want to clear out these black sheep of teachers, and punished according to law, the infringement of student behavior must be zero tolerance.


      "Three inch piece of chalk, three feet of the podium fortunes; my heart, life by casting the soul of the people."

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