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      # five basic points of #1, Germany; 2, 3, 4; knowledge;,; 5, appearance

      # what is a hero # is the failure to stand up, and stood up, full of vigor and vitality than before! Lose things get back is that the fingertips of the bomb, don't need what stuff the, shoes are worn-out throw, then make a double to. The brainchild of heroes which is not a hero, after suffering up to chilling. Will the South Hao courage, cross a relaxed waist.

      # landing # distant from the space shuttle here, see have never met you, Wei blue planet, Aero3D; meet is short, parting is eternal # take-off #Need for speed the shift.

      # this # this is not, this is not, this... Stick to take over... I which dare to beat you ah, please I smoke a cigarette even... Thank you... Thank you

      # #1, habits, customs, imitating others, mutual infection, fear; 2, the emotion, greed, wishful thinking, credulity, allergic; 3, impatient, impulsive and headstrong, wishful thinking, impulsive and pretentious.

      Five + # modern a habit # five ~ 1, 2, political thought;; 3, close relatives; 4, closed 5, closed the social life. A habit: capricorn.

      # # busy day and night The stream never stops flowing., but it works like the Yangtze River in the Yellow River, the total flow is often not to press the calabash gourd.

      # secret # and refuses to have; and not rely; long without slaughter. From the ~ ~ reading channel

      # classic # husband and the more people we met when the evil, the precarious, to pull together in times of trouble, like the left and right hand also come with sb.


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