Early sage

      Early Mahatma don't remember is what? When I called Mahatma person and fifty have what aristocratic palace to ask how Zionism, how to administer a country, often happened to bring a bunch of forces, to early Mahatma to join the king of their country, of course, I created some day, such as "earthquake" of "tornado" hail "Snowstorm" put them away

      And even some claiming to be early sage disciple believers, went to I live in the Mountain Lu neighbors, as though this would with me as a respected, sometimes there are some people with some patients to the asked me to save their friends and relatives, also said that what life as a slave, I, of course, is by our own happy to save those patients, and I do not say what, anyway, to the mountains so much, they want to where to live with his Luo.

      Also often require people to kill what monster, want to me for what? The sacred sword of, the monsters I know, of course, is only skin firm, plump some, or is at the remote location is not easy to reach, even is the amoeba a, is not easy to kill, sometimes can't stand they had to literally weapons in the past those troops left take to give them, of course, to recombinant elements a lot.

      When the early sage knew that one day people will always die my soul has been forged, if hope dies, I will not forget everything I know, my martial arts "with the world" is created, my martial arts is my soul after exercise after that, my life is a natural memory score, not easy to wear out, I found that when a person dies, like hard disk format, under the strong influence of six, will forget everything, so I exercise my soul is not rest day, of course, the martial arts training I can chain to the heaven and earth is a fusion of the day there is a direct relationship, which can also view observation, to infinity, as the "atomic" "electronic" can even change them, once I exercise the copper into gold , harm I consume a lot of energy, from the world and a pile of gold chain operation of the master, of course, are false. And I was called the father of science and civilization or chain gold master, because my copper gold 50-50, and offspring also cannot make something like me, after study offspring, because that piece of copper transfer payment is their Museum, if early Mahatma when leave Handbook of research on and contemporary science will progress more than three thousand years of the future of the world.

      And early Mahatma counted my life will do, although I can has been to my innate power law such as cell regeneration, or remove soul turn knowledge makes me stay, but has been guards and for is not the way to cell regeneration I or an old fogey, moved to the soul turn knowledge is the soul of the body of the how to do, and wicked thing is there a scourge. So I decided to go into the cycle, as long as the soul, and the mark of the life not be obliterated, that I don't like the soul of a class never die, so in my absorption between heaven and earth will never destroy the power and flexibility of body assimilation after entering nirvana.

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