The ten ancient books

      "Vinegar" - gourd Qianlong Dynasty ban banned reason: sex outside marriage is described

      "Debates" clear daoguangnianjian ban banned gay life secret reasons:

      "Beauty behind the curtain Kangxi," Qing Jiaqing ban banned reason: "" more than our novel model

      "Ming Wanli" national beauty and heavenly fragrance -- peony ban banned reason: display a variety of means to indulge in secret relations with women

      "Yan to fly" clear daoguangnianjian ban banned reason: "stealing female male" new romantic plot

      "Magic" - empty daoguangnianjian ban banned reason: repression of sexual fantasies

      "Spring" - Qing Yu Lou Jiaqing ban banned reason: fangzhongshu, sexual abuse plot

      "Red Chamber Dream" of Qing Dynasty Jiaqing ban banned reasons: low style, sex

      "JianDengXinHua" Ming Zhengde ban banned reason: lust performance distortion

      The Nine Tailed fish "(Qing) Zhang Chunfan banned reasons: really is the disclosure of brothels and clients of prostitutes, when exposed to the late Qing Dynasty, social darkness and corruption

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