Kate was running on the beach.

      Romance: the sea, sometimes waves, sometimes gentle River, like a person's mood, sometimes Baofengjiyu, sometimes quiet suitable! Sea blue with the blue of the sky, and the white cloud, and a light heart, everything will be left behind, light relaxed pine drink tea of mood, can be described as a if the step, finally relaxed, comfortable, comfortable

      In such a soft environment inside, stepping on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves, pull a beautiful girl who was running a, this graceful scene, the inscription of harbor vow never to forget!

      Sea breeze blowing her long hair, look how graceful, perfect; sea breeze to blowing, sunny beaches, beautiful beauty, the return of the king!

      Nameless fear: a child go to the seaside, looked far from the sea, that is convex, watching a little scary, afraid oneself drop inside unable to struggle, looking at the dark sky, imagine roaming in the sky, everywhere there is no margin of space, that is how terrible! Grew up, think back, it is in times of peace, potential has not yet erupted when some fear, really want to in times of emergency, like Duanyu pulse Excalibur, will naturally show, this is chaotic hero, Saatchi out rural!

      Human: distance and the relation between person and person, even once tangled up love, if cannot in a block, will gradually alienated, until forever, although occasionally looking back at the past, take a look at the good old days, but past finally over, and people have to into the future, bear when everything! The so-called man killed in battle as the honor, and died of a gentle Xiang ashamed! Seize the moment, cherish present, make the greatest efforts to go far too far!

      Busy career: Chengri busy work, non-stop rushed to their ideal peak, himself, sleepless nights, sometimes calm down and think about, men had on their own relentless point, but have to think. When can I idle about, where can drink about. Can anyone go to the beach walk along the beach, together to enjoy the beautiful nature? This also requires the favourable geographical position, can not be met for!

      LCD PC Kate still on the beach running, Allen of the time to the sea still softly singing, now the body in the reinforced cement City, he went to the sea toward the and need to romantic beauty, to the seaside Chuichui Feng, not for Jieshi East, beg to the sea view.

      Meta:Kate was running on the beach.
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