One hundred years of solitude, Marcks

      Nobel prize: 1982 Nobel prize winner Columbia nationality writer Gabriel Garcia Marcos died in April 17, 2014, aged 87.

      Famous novel: the most famous novel of Marcks should be the world's best seller in 1967, "hundred years of solitude".

      The road to fame

      Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1928 was born in northern Colombia poor town Aracataca. By their grandparents raised. Marcks was admitted to a Catholic Jesus school, specializing in law, but soon dropped out of school to become a reporter.

      In 1954, he was sent to Rome by the newspaper office, since then he has been living abroad. He once lived in Paris, Venezuela, and finally settled in Mexico city.

      Even after his novels became more and more popular, he continued to work as a journalist.

      Creative inspiration

      In 1965, he drove to Acapulco on the road, he won the hundred years of solitude of the first chapter of inspiration. He turned around and drove straight home, locked himself in a room, with six packs of cigarettes a day.

      18 months later he was back, and found a $12000 debt owed to him. Fortunately, his hand holds 1300 pages of the best-selling book manuscript.

      Sales record

      Spanish first edition of the novel sold out within a week. In the next 30 years, the "hundred years of solitude" sales of more than 3000 copies, and was translated into more than 30 languages.

      "One hundred years of solitude" has been described as the New York Times "" Genesis ", the first is the human reading literary masterpiece".

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