World Book Day

      Reading steadily higher - it is understood - the eleventh national reading survey data released in beijing. Data show that: in 2013, the reading rate of adult Chinese books was 57.8%, compared with 2012 increased by 2.9 percentage points, the contact rate of the digital reading mode was 50.1%, compared with 2012 increased by 9.8 percentage points; the comprehensive reading rate of each medium was 0.4, compared with 2012 increased by 76.7% percentage points. So far, since 2007, China's national book reading rate for 7 consecutive years of steady improvement.

      The survey data - according to the Chinese press and publication Wei Yushan, director of the Institute, this investigation strictly follow the same caliber, comparability principle, continue to use the 4 sets of questionnaires, survey respondents for the entire age population of china. The survey sample of 74 cities, covering 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), the effective sample survey than in previous years, an increase of 40600.

      Last year, the per capita reading 4.77

      According to the survey data, compared with 2012, in 2013, the paper book reading rate of adult people in China, the amount of reading have different degrees of growth. In addition, with the accelerated pace of life, the diversification of reading carrier, China's national paper books, read a long time a slight decline.

      In 2013, China's adult national per capita reading books 4.77, an increase of 0.38 in 2012. In the traditional paper book reading rate and the amount of reading has been improved, the national book reading rate and the amount of reading has been improved in 2012. In 2013, the reading rate of adult national book reading rate was 19.2%, compared with 2012, an increase of 2.2 percentage points. Per capita e-book reading of 2.48, an increase of 0.13 in 2012.

      Electronic version is becoming increasingly popular

      Survey data show that the impact of the rapid development of digital media, in 2013, China's adult national digital reading contact rate continued to grow. Including online reading, mobile reading, reading, reading, reading, reading, PDA/MP4/MP5 reading and other digital reading contact rate reached 50.1%, the first time more than half.

      Specifically, in 2013 44.4% of the adult population of online reading, an increase of 11.8 percentage points over 2012, 41.9% of the national mobile phone reading, compared with 2012 rose 10.7 percentage points; 5.8% of the national reading, compared with 2012 rose 1.2 percentage points; 0.9% of the national use of optical discs, 2.2% of the national use of PDA/MP4/MP5 and other digital reading, 0.4 percentage points lower than in 2012.

      Want to do reading activities

      The voice of the national reading activities of the local people in our country is high, and the degree of the rural residents' expectation is higher than that of urban residents. Survey data show that in 2013 unitslocalization half of the adult citizens that their reading quantity is less, more than 60% of the national hope read the local authorities organized activities.

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