Good book recommendation

      1 "flowers"

      Jin Yucheng, Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House

      2 "out of the beam"

      Liang Hong, Huacheng Publishing House

      3 "Iverson, especially to your dad"

      Ding afternoon, people's Fine Arts Publishing House

      4 "with the light"

      Jia Pingwa, people's Literature Publishing House

      5 "the road of China's economic dual transformation"

      Li Yining, Renmin University of China press

      6 "500 years" -- the right way vicissitudes of socialism

      The Propaganda Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, lecturer, Beijing University Press, history of the Communist Party of China Press

      7 "I love a frying pan (not the same as Carmela hand drawn)"

      [method] Christian Oripovaven, [method] Christian Eli Zheng Diyu translation press, stude, twenty-first Century

      8 "external history of science"

      Jiang Xiao original, Fudan University press

      9 "suffering brilliant: the strength of the Communist Party of China come from?"

      Jin Yinan, Xu Haiying, the press

      10 "reform is China's biggest bonus"

      Cheng Siwei, Li Yining, etc., the people's Publishing House

      11 "Ding Ding Dangdang"

      Cao Wenxuan, China children press & Publication

      12 "chronicle of Mao Zedong (1949 - 1976)"

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