The central literature research center of the Chinese Communist Party of China

      13 "twenty years" of Soviet Communist Party

      Huang Wei CHO, Jiangxi University Press

      14 "Hong industry biography"

      [America] Chen Yuxian, the Commercial Press

      15 "Southern painting sixteen view"

      Zhu Liangzhi, Peking University press

      16 "the landscape" (up and down)

      Wang Meng, Huacheng Publishing House

      17 "standing on the edge of the two world"

      Cheng Hao, Guangxi Normal University press

      18 "change China: the way of the market economy of China"

      Ronald Harry Kos, Wang Ning, Xu Yao, Li Zhemin, China CITIC press

      19 "wait for a person coffee"

      Nine the knife, the modern press

      20 "big data era"

      Maier Schoen Berg, Kenneth Kukye, Victor, Yang Yan, Zhou Tao, Zhejiang people's Publishing House

      21 "3D printing: from imagination to reality"

      Huddy Lipsemelba Kuman, CITIC press

      22 "embrace"

      A few meters with the dolphin press

      23 "despair, I: Pu Jinhui autobiography"

      [South Korean] Pu Jinhui, Yilin press

      24 "only the doctor knows! (1)"

      Zhang Yu, Jiangsu people's Publishing House

      25 "interpretation of Qian Wenzhong 'family names'"

      Qian Wenzhong, Jiangsu literature and Art Publishing House

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