Ten thugs


    Ten thugs

    Ten thugs


      First, a Chinese ruthless -- Bai Baoshan (nickname: Romance killer free);

      The main events: inmates, businessmen, commit innumerable murders, police officers etc.

      Criminal motives: the suspect has been destroyed, is not feasible, then to the anti. [

      Two, China -- second ruthless Hulan Heroes

      Major events: from the view of the data, the basic is to kill the police officers

      The motive for the crime, according to data suggest that, her wife dystocia intercept vehicles passing by when a Jing car saw to lend a helping hand, and finally lead to a corpse two life, because the character so extreme to embark on the road of revenge!

      Three, third China -- Tian Mingjian (nickname: ruthless gun)

      The main event: Jianguomen shooting incident, shot dead comrades manufacturing (Tian Jian Edition)

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