Criminal motives:

      In 1, he was 7 months pregnant wife, by local family planning forced abortion operation, resulting in a corpse two life (a baby).

      Family planning is, "the implementation of family planning policy." But his wife, brother Tian, the first child born has died, the second child is born. Because, family planning director Wang Xingye and Tian's father, a personal holiday, so......

      2, Tian Ge, for honest people, integrity, not corruption, bribery and collusion), so he and other officers, especially senior officers have a strained relationship.

      Political commissar Zhang, chief instructor Wang, Liu, borrow authority it stops me, give him a hard time. On the same day, leaders warned him, "as soon as possible, packed, ready to go back to farming!

      Four, fourth Chinese -- Ling Guoliang (nickname: ruthless magic gun)

      The main event: the wood River along the gun battle to kill a lot of police officers were killed by the military

      The official explanation, Ling Guoliang crime motive, is personal. However, the author believes that his crime is very complicated:

      1, no friends, no wife and children, and parents died (Guodong died in prison), makes him not worried about the heart.

      2, with the father, brother of the values and experience are basically the same, want to fail into the career, downhearted.

      3, mourning is greater than the heart death. His heart, dead. You are tired of living, but also to cherish the lives of others?

      4, super gun. The obsession with the gun has reached the level of metamorphosis, and only a living target can satisfy his desire. (movie "king of pop", the lawyer said, "a person of interest, reflects his personality and personality...... Will be a subtle increase in killing......" )

      Five, fifth China -- Dong Zhen (nickname: ruthless enforcer)

      The main events: kill all the enemies of all personnel

      Criminal motivation: the positive is not good, to the anti

      Six, the Northeast two kings, namely, Wang Zongfang, Wang Zongwei.

      Main event: a number of police officers shot and killed

      Criminal motivation: the positive is not good, to the anti

      Seven, seventh China -- Liu Jinrong (nickname: God alone)

      Major event: to repel the loan sharks chase

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