The thief hid a night under the bed


      For the first time


      Chen Lu worked home, see a lot of people in the play bungalow, he ventured to go in. The room can be absorbed in at the poker game, did not pay much attention to this piece of strange faces. See the back of the door open, Chen just took the apple on the table computer mobile phone in a hurry to leave.


      The last time


      Feel that it is too easy to succeed, then Chen frequently came to the house to look for opportunities. The last time was more than 4 points in June 6th afternoon, Chen ready to steal again. "But the back of the door, an empty bed I hid outside underneath, think again." According to Chen explained, the middle master came back, then it would not be able to leave, had to hide under the bed at night.


      "Wait until at around six o'clock in the afternoon the next day, I heard the landlord out of sound, from under the bed climb out into the inner room to steal something in a hurry to leave." He said that the results did not steal to hear someone outside, so quickly ran out, the results were caught on the spot.


      And then


      Yesterday, the court held that Chen to the illegal possession for the purpose, several households theft of property of citizens, his behavior constituted theft crime, shall be sentenced to 8 months in prison, and fined 1000 yuan; the illegal income to be recovered, restitution to the victim.

      Meta:The thief hid a night under the bed
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