Office at the end of the floor, overlooking the entire Victoria Harbour.

    Office feng shui

    Office feng shui

      This office was once known as one of the most mysterious offices in the world, unless a specific security personnel accompanied by a password card, or the elevator can not reach.

      Jin Mu water fire soil is five lines of the mascot, complete three phones, a fax.

      Black rimmed glasses, since the beginning of 1972, no change over. The hands of the watch, is always the same, because soil is jealous God, God made of wood, water for you;

      Gold water pendulum method


      Two white phones, a black phone, a black fax machine, five acts of gold raw water. The office of the three surface side windows, solid. Hongkong based on the global perspective. Please note: the window is Babel, also said the highest.

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