Why not look at the mirror in the evening for what science is based on the truth of the mirror in the evening.


      There's no scientific basis for it.


      This ghost story apocryphal, is a large number of references, and incorrectly relay an erroneous message - hearsay -, people are afraid to it is because the heart suggest if you haven't heard this argument in the mirror it, nothing ghost story listening according to the time will feel nervous this is the psychology as MLM


      User: local there is such a night can not look in the mirror, saying, why not look in the mirror at night, it is because it is easy to lead to ghost. I think it's a superstition, there's no ghost in the world.


      In ago people used mostly bronze mirrors, according to figure out the vague, plus the evening light dimmer, according to figure out more fuzzy, easy to make people have a psychological fear.


      In fact, the reason is very simple, pay attention to their appearance in the evening, in the old society, especially women, why do you want to look in the mirror in the evening?


      Why not look at the mirror in the evening


      Don't find, roots, nothing of - as long as you believe in the evening mirror nothing 1886, he so many miles of pipe, please a mascot to protect their chant.

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