Spring Festival custom

      1, prepare special purchases for the Spring Festival

      2, the clean-up

      3, the Spring Festival couplets

      4, cut window

      5, hang New Year paintings

      6, Nian Yefan

      7, lucky money

      8, new year's Eve staying-up

      9, visiting the temple

      10, set off firecrackers

      11, change in Taofu

      12, yangko dance

      13, walking on stilts

      14, dance lion

      15, the first pay New Year's call

      16, the second door

      17, the third a mouse

      18, fourth Sanyangkaitai

      19, fifth welcome the God of wealth

      20, the sixth to the poor

      21, seventh day travel

      Fifteen, 22 make lantern festival.


      The completion of the customs, there may be the local details of more than a mile, here allows anecdotes hot custom channel not one count.

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