Recently, a netizen went to get a haircut, was seen by the uncle, so angry swearing - your Ya of, don't know - the first day of the first lunar month barber dead uncle?? when the users are very surprised, head a piece of blank? Somehow being scolded a meal, really uncomfortable ah! Many friends said the uncle and small problems, but custom is a custom, into the village have when in Rome, do as the Romans do, do not know ahead of the familiar, province was to blame.


      Custom - a netizen said


      Good tradition did not keep down, these traditions are very good heritage heritage. Cut a hair in the first month, also will die uncle. Look at the net friend said.


      1, I Renqiu City, Hebei City, we do not have the custom of the first month of the custom, I do not really believe, but do not want to upset her mother, she has a brother;


      2, superstition, I have my hair every year, my uncle's health;


      3, but at that time Duang Duang duang.


      4, from the horse shouting to lose weight, the sheep had a new year more fat;


      5, from the horse to the year of the sheep without finishing things is to cut someone else's money has not yet, others did not also owe money.


      6, fifth, I also took my nephew to the barber, I also give money


      7, the hot spots of anecdotes -duang.....


      8, I from the horse dragged in the year of the sheep do not thing is to give birth to a child, this I can't control ah, not I say "Duang" sound can be down, also depends on the wishes of my daughter, in recent years, however, the doctor and she do ideological work, next month, she should come out......... Speak one word...... The expected date is March 30th.


      9, from the "horse" drag "the RAM" do not matter and from birth until now, is a good learning! Every year plan how to study hard, but never practiced.

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