Uygur customs

      Uygur bogey with one hand shuttle gifts; avoid wearing shorts, short clothes to go out; sleep deprivation head moving feet West, ban limbs horizontally in a supine position. In residential areas, more into a courtyard, the general door to the West open.

      The way one gets along with people very polite

      The elders or guests the road, hand in the center of the chest, forward leaning 30 degrees; visitors, the whole family out. Thereafter the hostess tray tea and toast to the guests of honor.

      The elderly to eat or house to someone else, to do "all W" (a hand to touch the face of blessing).

      Uygur diet taboo and the same.

      Wash hands when a guest can not throw wet hands;

      Can not sit in the seat before the elderly;

      Don't eat pilaf hand scratched or caught back;

      Don't throw the leftover debris;

      Don't cross over in front of a meal or master;

      Don't blow your nose, face and spitting etc..

      Mainly eat beef, mutton and chicken, duck, fish;

      Fasting pork, carnivorous animal flesh of a donkey, and fierce beasts;

      The blood of all the animals.

      Uygur traditional costumes, people of all ages and both sexes are wear four Leng Flower Hat

      Men generally like to wear Duijin "qiafan" (robes), embroidered with floral blouse.

      Women like the dress, black coat Duijin vest, wearing earrings, hand tin, rings, necklaces and other accessories that girl more comb plait, city residents now general wear fashion.

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