The customs of the Hui nationality

      Hui mainly engaged in agriculture, part of the business. Hui to face, rice - based, in meat, a lot of taboos.

      Fasting pork, the majority of Muslims of which requires and perform very strict and consciously, and disable pigskin leather shoes, leather clothing and leather belt.

      Disable bristle brush, toothbrush, soap, or disable lard system etc..

      The fast food, in mammals there are dogs, wolves, tigers, donkeys, cats; eagles in birds, harrier etc..

      Hui also fasted since the death of animal, animal blood and the prohibition of alcohol, gambling, etc., like worship divination.

      Worship in "prayer" and religious festivals in general to bath, wash their hands before meals and after "small net" etc..

      The diet, only carnivorous ox and sheep, camel, chicken, duck, goose, fish.

      Fasting pigs, donkeys, mules, dog meat etc..

      Diet has its own characteristics, family diet generally to pull sliver, noodles, pulling the film, steamed bread, scones and sweet bean rolls,


      Hui scattered in the town of wearing basically the same and the Han nationality. In the Hui, general middle-aged men wearing a hat, wearing a white shirt, blue coat and brown waistcoat. Young women love to wear pure plain green black coat coat.

      Married women generally wear white hats, pan head, blue or scarf. Unmarried girls are generally a comb, do not wear a scarf.

      Middle and young women have the habit of wearing earrings, rings and other gold and silver jewelry.

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