Tibetan customs


      Tibetan mainly live in the Tibet Autonomous Region and Qinghai Haibei, Huangnan, Guoluo and Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi Mongolian, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and wood soil Tibetan Autonomous County and Yunnan Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.


      In time to greet the guests with three hands dipped in wine bomb, but also catch a little barley in the grain fights, to throw in the air three times. On the banquet, the master took up his glass to drink the mouth, then drink, drink after the master drinks the head, everybody can drink freely. Tea, the guests must wait for the master to hold the tea to the front can reach for his drinking, or that the breach of etiquette. Pay attention to eat food not full mouth, chew out sound, drink no sound, do not pick more food plate. Lamb with hospitality, a piece of meat in the lower part of the sheep spine with the tail is expensive, it is necessary to respect the most distinguished guests. Have a lock of white hair on the tail meat production, auspicious.

      Offer hada is Tibetan most common courtesy, weddings and funerals, folk festivals, visited elders, celebration and pray, shuttle guests and so on occasions, usually have to offer hada. Hada is a kind of silk products, different lengths, hada is purity, sincerity, loyalty to the people. Since ancient times, Tibetan think white symbolizes purity, Geely, so hada is white.

      Kowtow is the Tibetan national minority common courtesy is generally worship the Buddha stupa and see the big Buddha kowtow, also to elders kowtow.

      Gift -- attaches great importance to the Tibetan people's things, all festive gifts will celebrate. There is a general will also send, otherwise it is impolite.

      A toast tea -- to the Tibetan people, the master will toast, usually barley wine. Barley wine is not distilled, approximate Yellow Wine wine, fifteen degrees to twenty degrees. A guest, the guest must first sip three, a master will be mixed with, then drink a cup. Tea is the daily etiquette, guest room sat down, a housewife or a child will come pouring butter tea, but the guests do not have self end drink, have to wait for the host to Pengdao front of you to take to drink in the past. Like this, know how to behave.

      The burial in Tibet folk, celestial burial is a common form of funeral. For the burial, there are a lot of folk taboos, including taboo people watch. The tourist is full of solemn burial, mystery. Curiosity and exploration are driven to want to experience a lot of human nature, but tourists should be fully aware of the importance of respect for the customs and habits of an ethnic group, not to the celestial burial ground watch the burial.

      As with Tibetans greet, usually with a "you" word in their name, a title. On a journey, do not get in front of others, we must first meet the comity. Secondly, in the diet, and eat not full, chew out sound, do not drink the rules such as.

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