Miao customs

      Pay attention to the real thing, very warm, very sensitive to vanity and hypocrisy, the details are as follows.

      Master Lu Yu guest not to steal the first step, do not walk in front of the conversation with the honorific title;

      Welcome to wear costumes;

      The guests to the village feast to greet;

      The guest to the house, the master should inform in Mengen, hostess, the hostess opened its doors to sing;

      In front of the guests, the hostess does not climb stairs;

      Party to chicken, duck hospitality for food, especially in the heart, the liver was the most valuable, first to give the guests or elders, guests are given to everyone to enjoy order is to young.

      Do not host the guests said "seedling", they like to call themselves "mongolia";

      No dog, dog, do not eat dog meat;

      Can't take place Miao ancestral tablets, stamped on the Kang tripod can not;

      Don't whistle at home or at night;

      Can't take eat roasted fried rice cake rake ash;

      When the band to frolic Miao family;

      In the door hanging on the branches or straw, weddings and memorial day, don't go;

      The road through the middle of the couple, don't wait.

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