Yulin Guangxi dog Festival


      Local customs, Guangxi Yulin known as eat dog custom, the annual summer solstice dog litchi Festival "day, local people used to gather together to eat dog meat and fresh lychee drinks.


      Public boycott -- highly controversial Yulin dog Festival approaching, accompanied by the majority of Internet users strongly called for banning dog section, many stars have also joined called for a boycott dog Festival, camp of companion animals protection, Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, Yang Mi, etc. have in micro blog posting crusade. Recently, Patrick Tam and Damian Lau also in their own micro blog strongly resisted Yulin dog section.



      Yulin dog day cruel festival held every year, caused by the majority of users of the strong dissatisfaction and concern, dog day each year, tens of thousands of dog hunted into dishes, just a few days hunting scale big cruel so that the majority of users to shame.

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