Provision - the price of all medical services provided by the non public health care institutions shall be regulated by the market, and reasonably formulated by the non public medical institutions in accordance with the principles of fair, legitimate and honest credit. Non public medical institutions can be based on their own characteristics, to provide special services to meet the diverse, personalized medical services. All localities should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Medicare designated non-public medical institutions in the social health insurance designated service area, the implementation of the same as the public medical institutions reimbursement payment policy.

      Requirements - at the same time, the price of the hospital should strengthen the supervision of hospital price behavior, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Non public medical institutions should adhere to the patient as the center, to improve the quality of medical services, strict implementation of price tag and a detailed list of medical expenses system, establish and perfect the internal price management system, and through a variety of ways to the price of medical services to patients with publicity, and consciously accept social supervision. Price authorities will strengthen supervision and inspection, severely punished according to the law and the price of medical services.


      Implementation of the State Council on promoting the development of health services, a number of specific measures to guide and encourage social capital into the health sector, expanding the supply of medical services, improve medical service efficiency, to meet the needs of multi-level medical services, and promote the healthy development of service industry and orderly competition, will play an important role.

      Meta:Encourage social medicine
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