In accordance with the provisions of the "national key protection wild animal list, tortoise belonging to the second class national key protected rare and endangered wild animals. And according to the Convention on the international trade of Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora (hereinafter referred to as CITES), all species of turtle shell are listed in Appendix 1 of CITES.


    Hawksbill carapace dorsal entry

    Hawksbill carapace dorsal entry


      Can you bring back hawksbill carapace entry

      Customs reminded - foreign legal, not necessarily to be able to take, the key to see our laws allow.

      The state of the import and export license management, by mail, carrying, shipping, import and export license, must apply for approval of the import and export license, and to the Immigration Customs declaration, otherwise it will be suspected of illegal, be held responsible.


      Simulation of weapons is not conducive to human health, that come from an epidemic area and the other transmitted diseases of food, counterfeit currency and counterfeit have securities and other many restrictions and the prohibition of entry and exit of goods is not carry into or out of the territory. South Korea succulents, simulation of weapons in the United States, Australia Lavender bear, raw beef, and other areas of tropical fruits, seafood and so on animals and plants, ivory, rhino horn and other endangered animals and plant products, chips and horses don't carry into or out of the territory.


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