Shandong is located in the Qingdao science and technology business incubator base, is a management started, set research, production, sales in one of the modern enterprise. The company has strong scientific research strength, excellent management team, first-class technical team, while the company also has a modern indoor environmental protection industry, a senior expert team. After many years of development and research, access to a number of patented technology. Shandong dry auspicious according to the market demand for indoor air purification field has made outstanding contributions for our living environment more healthy to make a positive effort.

      Environmental protection in Shandong Qianxiang shouldering the mission we make a living by space away from air pollution ", carries a" love of life "enterprise culture, to create a" follow nature, return to nature "dream of enterprise, all this reflects the Qianxiang environment-friendly pursuit of health, the pursuit of quality of life advocates, the interpretation of the Qianxiang environmental protection to create a human healthy indoor environment and enterprising of Chinese cleaning industry founder of spirit!


      These years to Qianxiang environment-friendly crh380a harmony, EMU, exit Turkmenistan sleeper, 2014 Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition five-star hotel, Nanyang the seventh session of the peasant movement will Nanyang Tianrun Medea Hotel, Nanyang forest Peninsula Holiday Hotel, city government offices, guesthouses, hotels, banks, schools, homes, cars and other domestic and foreign environmental protection engineering provides a large number of high-quality products and services, and obtained the approval of a third party CMA Testing the authority of the Department.


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