Sino German joint is Beijing is a professional engaged in indoor air testing equipment, indoor air purification governance monitoring, active carbon carving products R & D, machinery and equipment production and sales in one of the modern high-tech environmental protection enterprises. The company was founded in 2004, after 6 years of development. At present, the company in Germany professional nano purifying technology and production processes to rely on, to environmental protection hi tech industry based business, dedicated on scientific research achievements into products sales and service, dedicated to provide customers with environmental protection, safety, health products, to improve the working and living space for the air quality, and to improve the health and quality of life.


      Production base is located in the Beijing Fengtai Changxindian Industrial Development Zone, has engaged in a multi-year indoor air pollution detection, treatment of experienced R & D team, the successful development of a high content of a batch of technology of green environmental protection type of high-tech products, and won several national patents. The company's production technology leader, product variety, various types of products of dozens of species, and the production capacity, equipment level, quality function design are to achieve the domestic first-class level.

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