In Beijing a Camry environmental protection science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. in 2011 by the veterans founded, founder with ten years of experience, to the "original" indoor car environmental protection technology and service concept, in order to protect the living environment of mankind as creed, to create a green living space for the enterprise existence value, to heart health care for life as the ultimate mission!

      Currently under the jurisdiction of the enterprise: in Beijing a Camry environmental protection science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Anhui army Chong Jiamei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (factory), is a collection research and development, production, sales, service as one of the innovative environmental protection enterprises.


      Since its inception, in view of the current situation of current our country room (car) complex air pollution, effort to advanced purification technology research and development, is committed to in environmental pollution governance services, tried to the people to create a green living environment. In a Camry with particular emphasis at home and abroad advanced purification technology exchanges and cooperation, learn from each other, absorbing, only for promote the continuous innovation of management and technology, so as to better for the benefit of the people! The independent research and development and production of indoor decoration pollution purification series products, car pollution net support, daily indoor environmental series products, through to before the arrival of people decoration pollution prevention and control, after the arrival of the food, air water home environmental protection, to air in the room (car) in the long term, purifying and sterilizing. Which in the formaldehyde removal, decoration, in addition to taste, car purification and other aspects of the industry has gradually become a model product.

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