1, first to diagnose, what is the specific cough;

    Cough to eat what good

    Cough to eat what good


      2, the estimated that the doctor will give you a hydrochloric acid bromide has new film agent, which is better than the effect of sputum, as well as a lot of Western medicine, the doctor to open for the accurate, for reference only.


      3, cough is dry cough, etc., the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in treatment of Bai, find a good expert is OK, should pay attention to the friendly relations between the culture and the doctor, understand the doctor's distress.


      4, western medicine is mainly a diagnosis of symptomatic treatment, Chinese medicine is about the dialectical treatment, we can according to their own situation, the nearest medical treatment.


      5, you have to understand the principle of cough, and so on, naturally will know - cough to eat what a good quick cough and phlegm what to eat good fast.

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