October 22, 2015 09:37:29 anecdotes hot Health Channel - recently Benny Chan in the microblogging self, message said it likes when the father, next year, the fourth child will be born, for Benny Chan hi when Dad, a lot of friends have a message blessing, but also some suggestions do not have so much, but others are adults, interfere with other people's house is not scientific and reasonable, believe Benny Chan and his wife would have thought of it, do not need to break the heart.


      Media news Turkey 85 years old and then when the father, this thing will let us how to maintain the ability to maintain a man of how long it is interested, please read this message.


      Turkey 85 year old man and then when the father of the ability to maintain long



      Foreign media message


      Turkey, a 85 year old man again when the father, a lot of friends have expressed understanding can not, think this is simply a miracle.


      This is a multiple blessings of old man, he is 15 children's father, and in the 70s to remarry, and a 31 year old woman tied the knot. But the wife also deliver the goods at the age of 46, gave birth to twins.



      How long can a man be able to maintain


      "The male sexual function and fertility to what time to stop, and there is no clear timetable." Sperm production, through the male life, until death to stop.


      From a physiological point of view, the sperm production function of the male testes gradually decreased after 30 years of age. After the age of 50, the growth ability of the aged male gradually decreased with the quantity and quality of the sperm.


      Under normal circumstances, 50% of the elderly, in the 70 years ago, there will be spontaneous testicular output tube obstruction. But, for the elderly of testicular biopsy in clinical, spermatogenic more normal elderly There are plenty of people who are.


      Good maintenance, one hundred years old son is entirely possible.


      Anecdotal hotspot health channel comprehensive release.

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