The 1 part of the configuration, Yanjing school dormitory

    Yanjing school controversy

    Yanjing school controversy

      One of 14 single rooms, 12 double suites. Double Suite per capita indoor area of about 10 square meters. Indoor independent bathroom, air conditioning, single bed, wardrobe and so on, the wall of a well-designed square closet for the placement of books and accessories.

      In addition to the single apartment, more "luxury", is also equipped with a TV and a refrigerator, and the hotel is at first glance. In each floor of the public space, also has a lounge, gym and other activities area.

      2, non Yanjing school dormitory basic configuration

      Less than 15 square meters of small space need to squeeze into the four individual, no balcony, no independent bathroom, because the space is small, the original should be far from the air conditioning can only be installed in the upper right corner of the dormitory, less than half the bed distance.


      "Sleep one night will be able to reach out to the air conditioning, air conditioning in summer, I have here.

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