Children's Day show


      Children's Day source and English


      International Children's Day (for short)


      English: Children's Day International


      Time - scheduled for June 1st.


      Implications for mourning on 10 June 1942 the Lidice massacre and all over the world all in the war dead children against murder and poisoning of children, and to protect the rights of the child. Protection of all the countries in the world children's right to life and health right and education right, custody, in order to improve children's lives, to oppose the children and poisoning children and the establishment of the festival.


      Universal - many countries in the world today will be set as children's festival in June 1st.


      Children's Day performances of those years of broadcast gymnastics


      I remember a long time ago, our Children's Day show that once a year the game, the game content is broadcast gymnastics, those years of broadcasting gymnastics competition is particularly exciting, also be struck with fright children once a year, the festival that day, wearing neat school uniforms, marched to participate in the competition, so the children's day a different kind of wonderful, now you'll see tomorrow, I wish you a happy children's day.

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