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      A lot of people are in the field, the three day of the small holiday, back to his hometown is a bit of a rush. In fact, for the parents in the field of workers, the State Council has promulgated the provisions on the treatment of workers and relatives, the parents of unmarried workers to visit the longest holiday of 45 days.


      However the media recently found, the 1981 introduction of the provisions of the "name", a lot of people "heard", basically it is never achieved.


      Half of the respondents did not have a holiday.


      In accordance with the provisions of the State Council in 1981, as the institution of marriage and workers, every 4 years can enjoy 20 days to visit their parents' holidays. Plus back and forth on the back and forth of the journey, this year to visit relatives and a total of 24 days.


      Randomly selected 20 workers from Beijing state organs, enterprises and institutions of workers, to carry out a small survey. Among them, 8 people said, did not hear that the unit has a family holiday; and the 40 people, the rest of the family leave only 5 false. Not to mention the private sector such as workers, basically one hole, missing the.


      Haidian District in recent ten years, only one staff please the family leave, or because of a hurry home, leave for a long time, compensatory time off back to fill the "family leave."


      A lot of money can't leave.


      Too many units, even if it is not approved by the family to visit relatives. "Our unit is to let employees in the paid annual vacation and holiday home a holiday. Last year, I applied for a vacation to visit relatives, the leader told me that many of the employees have given up, you still have what family leave?"


      Too much work, the leadership is not approved, the staff to visit relatives and another reason is the impact of income. Although the state regulations, to visit relatives in the holidays do not deduct wages, but not the deduction of wages is only basic wages, most of the performance will be deducted.


      "Our file is only a few hundred dollars, the other is the performance of wages. If Hugh home leave, one for nearly a month, thousands of dollars is gone."


      Part of the unit employees during the visit to visit relatives, only to retain the basic wages, while the performance of wages will be deducted.

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