According to a sell plum




      On the evening of October 11, users @Tony_ forever 25 years old in micro blog posting complaints said that day in a hotel in Wuxi drink afternoon tea, check out check, find a no point of 88 yuan of dried apricots, and asked the clerk.


      Answer: This is your plum. The netizen said: "a total of 10, each 8.8 yuan...... Rather than can not afford to eat is the price is not too dark spots, instantly feel Shandong 38 yuan shrimp is not to Wuxi the? "



      October 12th at noon, Wuxi Municipal Price Bureau official microblogging back should be friends said: the response of the price department has been in the first time to the hotel survey, if there is a price violations will be strictly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in a timely manner. The Bureau asked users to keep the relevant documents.


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