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      In the global aerospace industry giant, Lockheed Martin recently released the U. S. air force the next generation of aircraft promotion plan, will develop a new tactical reconnaissance aircraft to replace U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. The program was named TR-X from famous skunk works. This is the Lockheed Martin recently disclosed a mysterious aircraft and reconnaissance, matching and unmanned.


      Many friends to see here, whim, stealth principle is what? Please see below


      Principle of the general principle of stealth aircraft in China


      One, in the premise of ensuring the pneumatic requirements, by changing the shape of the aircraft, so that the radar radiation over the radio spread to the surrounding, can not only a small amount of reflection back;


      Two, on the plane coated with absorbing material, the radar wave absorption or let it penetrate the plane, can not reflect back. The above two points is radar stealth.


      Three, to reduce the infrared radiation characteristics, the use of weak infrared engine and cooling heat insulation materials, the use of fuel additives and other technologies to change the infrared radiation wavelength, frequency and bandwidth, so that the enemy can not detect infrared signal.


      Reduce visible light characteristics, using special camouflage paint, reduce the contrast and the contrast of target and background, make visual is very difficult to find.


      Five, improve the engine structure, the use of ultra low noise engine, equipment, and sound insulation device, reduce engine sound.


      Six, to suppress the electromagnetic radiation, and to reduce the detection probability of the electronic detection system of the enemy.


      What is the most advanced stealth aircraft in the world.


      China: J -20


      USA: F-22 Raptor


      United States: F-35 lightning II


      Russian Sukhoi: (Sukhoi) PAK FA (T-50)

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