World ten sniper rifle


      1, the United States Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle (sniper king)


      2, the United States Macmillan Tac-50 sniper rifle (the farthest range)


      3, Swiss SSG3000 Sauer sniper rifle (single most accurate)


      4, Germany G3/SG1 military sniper rifle (a most accurate)


      5, the British Lee endfield AWM/P sniper rifle (single most ruthless)


      6, USA Steyr Scout general sniper rifle (portable and practical)


      7, China JS 12.7MM sniper rifle (Asia first spy)


      8, the United States Tango 51 Sniper Rifles (Anti-Terrorism weapon)


      9, Germany Blaser R93 sniper rifle (European sniper king)


      10, the former Soviet Union SVD sniper rifle (solid practical)

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