Recently, the Gold Coast in Australia Broadbent beach discovered strange blue creatures, like a sci-fi movie alien, but we look like a blue flower.


    Australia beach is now strange creatures

    Australia beach is now strange creatures


      The creature is the local people found when walking on the beach She will be on the beach in the peristalsis of screen shot into a video on the Internet, everyone puzzle, have a look below remarks experts


      Experts say


      Griffith University marine biologist Kelly Peter (Kylie Pitt) identification, the marine organisms


      The Atlantic sea slugs, commonly known as petrel, or blue dragon, the hydra, jellyfish and other staple food, elegant, bright color, beautiful appearance is like life on earth.


      Experts warning


      The Atlantic sea sea slug body accumulated jellyfish toxins, as their weapons, so watch it don't come hand touch, don't eat it.

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