Jose Paul Becerra Maher Junior (Jos Paulo BezerraMacielJ nior case, Paulinho)


    Paulinho violent bird

    Paulinho violent bird


      Nationality: Brazil football player


      Nickname: "violent" bird "Basilan lampard"




      1988 25, 7, was born in Brazil (Paulo Sao), Vilnius Football Club debut in the youth training camp,


      The 2013-14 season from the Corinthians move to Tottenham Hotspur; field boss vocational avant-garde, also as defensive midfielder.


      In June 29, 2015, officially announced Hengda Paulinho joined, 1400 wanou signed 4 years contract number 48.


      The latest


      The violent bird in 2015 wearing Jersey No. 8, Japan will be hit by a strong

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