1, professional team - by the combination of senior experts, there are more than ten years of experience, site planning and construction technology to lead the trend, a professional senior art, technology and planning and other personnel;


      2, site speed -- the most complex of the portal site, one to two week finished, but at the queuing situation, if the huge volume of business, we try our best to catch up.


      3, the standard of Science - the establishment of good compatibility, compatible with mainstream browsers, the mainstream of the host, etc., in accordance with the promotion and the late show, the high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade;


      4, site type - portal, electricity suppliers, personal webmaster, business website, blog, forum, hospital official website, school, government and other types of websites;


      5, the establishment of the cost - cheaper than the market, can be discounted, a member system, the highest can play 50 percent off, of course, have to look at the site type;


      6, we have the advantage - fast, professional, inexpensive, integrity;


      Meta:Website production of mobile phone +PC
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