Robin Li proposed the Chinese brain - to create artificial intelligence infrastructure to achieve resource sharing, and the proposal of network medical registration, so that appropriate patients to find the right doctor, to avoid waste of resources. China's artificial intelligence service platform will have a great role in scientific research and entrepreneurship.

    Robin Li proposal Chinese brain

    Robin Li proposal Chinese brain

      Proposal 1: Robin Li proposed a comprehensive open hospital registration number source, so that the patient to find the most appropriate doctor.


      He believes that the problem is one of the most concerned about the people's livelihood, to speed up the development and reform of medical and health undertakings, is an important measure to improve the quality of life of the people. Network registration for the convenience of the masses, improve the efficiency of the medical industry has an important role. In the current part of the area with the official background of the "booking registration unified platform" there is a low social awareness, the user experience is not good, the number of registered number is not high, to restrict the hospital to carry out personalized service initiative and autonomy and other issues.


      Part of the region to carry out the business of network registration business, with social forces to optimize medical resources allocation, improve the quality and efficiency of medical services, and according to the actual situation in different regions, increasing the number of hospital registration number, and strengthen the network registration information, and guide patients more through the Internet registration; support hospitals to enhance the level of information, and encourage hospitals to provide registration services through their own website, and with information means to make an appointment to enhance the efficiency of hospital operations, convenient public.

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